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Wish You Create a New Generation of Challenge:Part(2) continued from Part(1)

Ⅲ. What can and should be done?

1. Covid19
 ーAggravated or prolonged infections due to policy mistakes
 ・In spite of progress of vaccination, the Covid19 infection does not seem to slow down  or converge as one might hope. There are at least two man-made problems.
・One is poor or mistaken management of policies, and the other is lack of help from Rich countries to poor countries.

・Outstanding example of mistaken policy actions is found in the case of Donald Trump who distrusted science and delayed the execution of relevant policies and aggravated infection dreadfully and consequently victimized American people worst in the world.
Jair Bolsonaro made a similar mistake in Brazil. Mr.Boris Johnson of UK made serious policy mistake at the early stage of spread resulting in largest casualties in Europe,

・The recent experience of Japan suffering from the fourth wave of infection may be the case of failed policies. Relying on relatively low cases and deaths and docile attitude of people, the government has been adopting only lukewarm policies and has failed to secure vaccines in time which may well prolong infections.
・In sharp contrast, Israel and Taiwan are the successful cases. They trust science and make use of it effectively to plan and execute anti-virus policy strategically.

ーLack of help from rich countries to poor countries
・Another issue is the lack of help from rich countries to poor countries.
・Rich countries secured vaccines and jabbed them early to prevent infection, while, poor countries cannot secure vaccines in addition to their poor hygiene conditions and deficient medical systems.
・Rich countries provide assistance to poor countries by international cooperation  such as COVAX sponsored by WHO. However the collected fund is mush too small relative to the needed amount.
・Failure to help poor countries will multiply the infections in poor countries and will feed back to the rest of the world.

ーWhat should be done
・To overcome Covid19 pandemic to minimize its damage, what we need to do are:
1. Use science, plan comprehensive and effective policies and execute Strategically,
2. Help poor countries and needy people to prevent the pandemic from magnified,
3. Respect the lives of people most and plan and execute policies accordingly.

2. Climate change
ーWhy plans to tackle climate change are insufficient
・The governments and industries are doing their best coping with reasonable economic growth hoping the growth will enable further technological progress.
・In contrast, the warming of atmosphere proceeds much faster than the pace of economic effort of expanding the policies and innovating technologies, thus the gap between what is needed and what is done enlarges.

ーWhat should be done
 ・We need to plan our policies from the viewpoint of what should be done to stop atmosphere warming rather than what can be done on economic and technological base.
・If we tackle the issue from the standpoint of what should be done, it may well accelerate technological progress vouched by necessary budgetary expansion.
・Critical is our recognition of the importance to protect the precious planet on which we live.

3. US-China hegemony confrontation
 ーDanger of de-coupling of the world economy
・US-China hegemony confrontation is dangerous and destructive at least in the sense that it will lead to de-coupling of the world economy.
・As in the case of high tech industry, the US tries to exclude Chinese major high tech. firms, such as Huawei Technology out of the world market by shutting out supplies and  purchases.
・China retaliates by developing its self-contained industrial bloc to assure the survival of Chinese economic bloc, thus the world economy will be de-coupled.
・De-coupling of the economy will inevitably shrink the world economy because of cutting off international supply chains which victimizes other countries and peoples in the world.

ーWhat drives hegemony
・Professor Graham Allison of Harvard university analyzes the US-China confrontation today is a contemporary case of hegemony war, which has been repeated in the world history since the case of Athens and Sparta hegemony war in an ancient time.
・Why people seek for hegemony. There may be two major reasons. One is instinctive desire of people to obtain power to control others, and the other is exclusion of  heterogeneous entity.
・The US has been monopolizing the overwhelming power to control the world since WWII and wants to perpetuate the position by eliminating competitors.
・The US believes in “democracy,” and wishes to exclude heterogenous country such as China which US regards “socialist autarchy.”

 ーWhat should be done
・Although pursuit for hegemony has been instinctive desire in the world history for a long time, it should be outdated in today’s world and it is dangerous because it may well lead to actual war and harm or destruct the world.
・Exclusion of heterogeneous competitors stems from narrow sightedness of people and leaders who do not understand different histories, cultures and values of other nations and people.
・Recognition of obsolescence of hegemony and broader understanding of  heterogeneity of the world may be the virtue we may have to look for future generations.

4. Economic and social differentials
  ーWhat should be done
 ・Increases of economic and social differentials reflect a complex of many diverse reasons, and the differentials in turn give rise to many serious problems of contemporary world such as political turmoils, spread of CV pandemic and  Worsening of climate change etc.
・To minimize the enlargement of differentials and the problems caused by large differentials, most critical is our mindset of respecting diversity of people and The sense of inclusion of heterogeneous diversity.

5. What are required to resolve issues of contemporary world?
・Covid19:respect lives of people and plan and execute needed policies strategically
・Climate change: keen recognition to protect precious and vulnerable planet
・Global confrontation: awareness of obsolescence of hegemony, Respect history and heterogeneous cultures of diverse world.
・Differentials: respect diversity of people and the sense of inclusion of diversity

Ⅳ. Great Potential Roles of Young Generation
 ・Many of listeners of today belong to so called “Generation Z” who have been born during the period of 1990s and 2000s; namely, age between teenagers to early thirties.
・You have outstanding characteristics which preceding generations to not have.
・You have outstanding potentials to change the society for the future.

・To tacle the difficult problems of contemporary world, which we discssed at length and in detal so fa and to build a better society for the future, I look forward to the great  potentials of young generation. I would like to mention 3 of such potentials.

1. A generation of new communication technologies
・You were born in the era when information communication technology has developed remarkably.
・Since many of you have grown playing with mobile terminals such as i-phones or I- pads, sending and exchanging information is part of your life.
・You are born netizens, or citizens equipped with technology of networking.
・By networking with each other you become a member of an integrated human  community of the world.
・This is an outstanding feature of your generation and your strength.

2. A generation being aware of limitation of the planet
・You are the generation grown witnessing many disastrous hazards on the earth, much more so than previous generations.
・You must have seen destructive typhoons, abnormal heavy rains, floods, forest fires, and particularly in Japan, huge and violent earthquakes and subsequent Tsumani.
・You must have seen and heard by media even more serious hazards like draughts, large  scale wild fire, sinking of low level islands in the sea, which previous generations have seldom experienced.
・This is because much of these natural hazards have been aggravated by so-called “greenhouse effect, namely, warming the atmosphere temperature, which has been  accelerating recently.
・The planet we live looks a beautiful blue planet in the view of astronauts.
・The planet as beautiful as this is perhaps the only one in this entire universe.
・The unique beauty, safety and comfort of this earth is assured only by very thin atmosphere and clean ocean covering the globe.
・This thin film of air and water is being polluted by greenhouse gas emission of ever expanding industrial activities.
・Since young generation has been witnessing horrendous hazards and environmental degradation of this precious and vulnerable film of the earth, you are more keenly aware and worried about the climate change than preceding generations.

3. A generation bound to think of global human community
・Being aware of the limitation of the planet and familiar and equipped with advanced  communication technologies, each one of you can raise your voice against problems of the world and mobilize a movement to change the society.
・Greta Thunberg was only a 16 year old Swedish student when she raised her voice to criticize the flaws of climate policies of the world. Thanks to social networking  media, many millions of people now listen to what she saids and try to work together.
・In this sense, your generation has a tremendous potential to change the world to  secure better life for the human race.

Ⅵ. Tasks and Hopes for the Generation of New Historical Stage

1. Lessons we can learn from Japan’s historical predecessors

・Since I think most of listeners of my speech are young Japanese, let me quote a couple  of precious experience of Japanese historical predecessors who changed the history of our country and the world.
・One was the Meiji restoration and the other is the post war recovery and development as a global economic power.

ーThe Meiji Restoration
・Prior to Meiji restoration, Japan was reined by well structured feudal Tokugawa Government.
・Thanks to the well designed and rigorous government under seclusion policy, Japan  enjoyed 260 years of peaceful and stable era.
・On the other hand, Japan was left behind the global development of technology.
・People were shocked when black fleet of Commodore Perry visited Japan and urged  Japan to open the country.
・Young low class Samurais and enlightened farmers in Southern clans organized the  movement and toppled the Tokugawa government, which they deemed imperative to transform the feudal Japan to a modern country.
・Within a few decades they build the new government which made Japan a modern Industrial country.

ーPost WWII Recovery and Miraculous Economic Development
・Japan was beaten in the Pacific War against the US, and was occupied for the first time in Japan’s 2000 year history of civilization.
・The 6 years of occupation by the foreign soldiers was incredible hardship.
・However, only twenty years after the occupation, Japan resurrected as an economic  power in the world, which caught the attention of international community as  “Japan’s economic miracle.”
・There are many hypotheses as to why and how Japan managed to do it.
・Having studied in depth, I arrived at a conclusion that this recovery and remarkeble  development of Japan has been realized chiefly tremendous effort made by young  entrepreneurs such as Matsushita Konosuke of Matsushita Electric Mfg, Toyoda
Kiichiro of TOYOTA,Ibuka Masaru and Morita Akio of SONY and Honda Soichiro of HONDA.

・I hope young Japanese students spend some time to study such events of Japanese contemporary history and get some insights and courage from the experiences of  our predecessors.

2. Take advantage of Covid19 experience to create the new world
・History tells us, large scale epidemic has had profound impact to human society.

ーPest in 15th century
・Pest in 15th century gave huge damage to Medieval Europe.
・One third of population is said to have died because of Pest infection.
・Since most of the victims were working class people, feudal manors lost many of their serfs.
・ Lords of manors were obliged to pay wages to serfs to attract labor force.
・This undermined the basic structure of feudal system and finally gave rise to transition from medieval era to early modern era.
・Another impact was the decline of power of Catholic church.
・During the deadly pandemic, people realized that church was unable to save lives of people in spite of their claimed authority and accumulated huge assets.
・A German theologist, Martin Luther sharply attacked the deception of Catholic  Church, and later led the movement of Protestantism, which also helped change the  history toward modern era.

ーSpanish Flu in the early 20th century
・Another major experience was “Spanish Flu” which victimized the world about 100 years ago.
・Due to three major waves of pandemic, 40 million people lost their lives.
・Witnessing so many people of low income class suffered and died, a new thought of revised capitalism was proposed in Britain, democracy prevailed in Japan for sometime, Russin revolution took place.
・Such stream of social change was unfortunately overwhelmed by imperialism which led The world into WWII.

ーOpportunities unfolding with the impact of Covid19
・Covid19 is a major pandemic which has a historic and broad impact to our society
・In order to avoid infection, people try to keep social distance and not to get together nor move around.
・This did and will change the styles of work and life of people.
・People work as much as possible by remote communication. People live sparsely. These change of styles of work and life will change structure of cities and landscape.
・Taking advantage of these social changes, information and communication industries develop tremendously.
・Development of information industry, pushed by pervasive impacts of pandemic, may well change not only the styles of work and life, industry, cities and land of the county.

3. Solve old issues with new thoughts and create a new world

ーSolve old issues with new thoughts
・I hope the young generation, with gifted potentials, alert senses to be aware of pressing issues which they face, will challenge to tackle and solve the old issues by their fresh
thoughts and new technologies.

ーCreate an entirely new world on this planet
・Not only that, I hope the young generation, taking advantage of this rare opportunity, to challenge to create an entirely new society with new ideas, thoughts, norma, rules and even beliefs, just as Pest pandemic in 15th century changed the medieval
feudalistic era by opening the doors for the forthcoming modern era, to provide opportunities for diverse and heterogeneous people to live together peacefully cherishing this precious planet.

4. Pursue your career with a broad perspective and deep thinking
・You may be studying at university, may be working as a business person, may serve the government, may run a shop, may engage in a variety of occupations.
・No matter what you do, I think it is essentially important for you always to have a broad perspective to know what’s going on in the world and understand their meanings by deep thinking.
・This is because everyone of you are very important and critical existence of our global human community which is tied together closely by our communication technology.

・Let me conclude my lecture by wishing you a wonderful life for the future.

・Thank you.

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