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Diving Cruise in the Sea of Miyako-jima, Okinawa


For 5days in early October, I enjoyed a diving cruise with my good friends. We have been enjoying this cruise for some ten years. The boat is a large-size catamaran type of 20 tons of the size 50 by 35 feet with 4 bedrooms, one dining room and a play deck, as you can see in the attached picture. The capacity of enrollment is 8 guests and 2 crews. The name of the boat is "Tida Again" owned by the sea sports company, "24degree north" located in Miyako-jima. Mr. Masahiro Tomari is the owner of the company and is the captain of this flag ship. He is well known in the profession of marine sports particularly in sailing and scuba diving. Devoted divers call him a diver of legend.

We flew from Haneda airport early in the morning of the first day, arrive in Miyako-jima before noon and started cruising and diving in the afternoon. From the second to the forth day, we enjoyed cruising while diving 2 to 3times a day. The final day is spent for swimming and relaxation because we need to fly in the evening back to Tokyo.


Activities of a typical day are: waked up in the early morning by the cozy sound of waves touching the bottom of the boat. Walk a few steps to the deck and jump into a clean and beautiful water and swim for a few hundred meters. If we are close to the shore of an island, we swim there and relax. This is better than a morning shower. We enjoy breakfast in a comfortable breeze.

In the morning we dive into the sea to enjoy watching various types of fish, corals and many marine creatures. Some times we dive through caves in the depth of the sea, explore sunk ship in the bottom of the sea. Have a lunch on the deck under the sunshine. Take a nap on the sun-deck soothed by breeze. In the afternoon we dive once or twice depending on the attractiveness of the objects which we wish to see in the water.

After the diving, take shower, change clothes and relax enjoying drinks. My favorite is a Gin and tonic. Some enjoy fishing, others spent time chatting, listening music or reading books. Dinner is prepared with rich food materials both prepared in advance and fresh fish which just happened to be on the table. During and after dining, we drink, chat, sing songs, and when the sky is clear, spend time watching gorgeous galaxy in the sky.


This year, 7 friends of mine joined the crew. Mr. K is CEO of a successful IT service company and at the same time the center of network of many political, business and government leaders. Mr. H is a famous medical doctor in the area of urology serving currently medical department of Teikyo University. He is well known as one of the best practitioners in taking care of prostatic cancer and deceases as well as medical researcher in frontiers of medical science. He was an oarsman of collage rowing crew. This cruising was the first time for him to scuba-dive but mastered very quickly to dive with other experienced divers. Mr.Y. M is a lawyer and professor of my university. He sometimes works as a court judge as well. He is a real bug of diving. He mastered Chinese language within recent several years with an incredible devotion.

Mr. A is CEO of a financial advising company. He run a very successful real estate investing company previously. He is a very skillful and powerful diver. He seems to be loved by many good fish because when he dives he comes back on board usually with many fish "friends?" Ms. S. K is teaching Japanese and Chinese politics at Columbia University. She has special talents in research and languages and also a powerful athlete. She was a water polo player during college days. She skies, dives, jogs, cycles in many parts of the world. Ms. S. A is running her company in the area of providing health support services. She is a powerful and very reliable diver, partly because she spent some years in Ishigaki island in diving support business. Mr.Y. N is running a marine tour and sports business in Papua New Guinea and joined in our group for the first time this year.

This is a wonderful time of refreshing and relaxation. We would like to continue this diving cruise as far as we have good health and spirit.

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